MIAC exhibition 2023

You are very welcome at the upcoming MIAC 2023 exhibition, held at the Lucca Exhibition Centre, Italy from October 11th to October 13th, 2023.

Start date: Oct 11, 2023

End date: Oct 13, 2023

Location: Lucca, Italy

We would be very pleased to see you at stand 89 where our team of experts will introduce you to our state-of-the-art technologies, automation solutions and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries.  

And there’s even more as our demos of the latest solutions will be showcased at our stand. Come and have a look at Valmet DNA UI from Automation Systems. Segment, butterfly and globe valves with the latest generation intelligent valve controllers, eg. Neles NDX, are also on display from Flow Control.

Sustainability at your fingertips with Valmet solutions

Come and check out our latest proposals for mill operations or how tissue makers can significantly reduce their raw material costs for fiber, energy, and chemicals using automation solutions with measurements, controls, and optimization tools. Or the way to minimize your footprint through a holistic approach to reduce energy consumption. We are there for you!

And that’s not all!

The event also includes a rich series of conferences, in which Valmet will take part with its qualified representatives:

On October 11th at 15:30:
- Valmet Industrial Internet for on-line real-time tissue quality prediction, by Matteo Notini, Sofidel and Jonas Johansson, Valmet.

Valmet Industrial Internet solutions are developed to optimize tissue production and reduce quality losses and operational costs. Sofidel has always pursued innovation, also embracing a digital transformation project with Valmet for real time prediction of quality parameters to optimize the usage of raw materials and give operators better insight in the process. The objective is real-time prediction of tensile strength, and the project was managed with a Valmet-Sofidel partnership to develop a predictive real-time model through detailed analysis of the process, experimentation, and validation. The aim is to give operators tools to decrease the variability of tensile strength with real-time information, available on the Valmet DNA DCS interface. Before this solution was available, the only way to assess tensile strength was through laboratory, after the tissue reel was produced, with related downgrading in case of non-conformity, or higher production cost in case of excess of raw materials.

On October 12th at 15:10:
- Hidden opportunities in stock preparation and the wet-end on tissue machines, to gain benefits in lower energy costs, better runnability, a more stable wet end, and improved creping, by Ville Piikkilä, Valmet.

This presentation will cover ways that tissue makers can significantly reduce their raw material costs – for fiber, energy, and chemicals – through the use of the latest automation solutions, with measurements, controls, and optimization tools. At the same time, the systems can stabilize wet-end chemistry and charge, to give better cleanliness, smoother machine operation, and more consistent product quality. This is done in two principal areas; in stock preparation by using refining controls and pulp ratio optimization to get the best pulp properties for the grade being made, and on the wet-end via charge control and fines management to clean up and stabilize the short loops (short and long circulation). Furthermore, this results in a stable Yankee coating and optimized creping. All of this adds up to deliver improved productivity, quality, efficiency, and the overall sustainability for the tissue mill, and reduced headaches for the tissue makers.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Your Valmet team