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Advantage BalanceControl  

Valmet has developed Advantage BalanceControl (ABC) to solve the problem of uncontrolled variations in air system balance. The Advantage BalanceControl system allows the mill to maintain, in an automatic and continuous manner, the optimal setting for the air system and the best drying parameters wen choosing temperature and impingement speed.


Advantage Thru-Air technology  

The highest quality tissue and towel products can only be made using TAD technology. The second generation design, the Advantage Thru-Air concept, benefits from reduced capital and energy, increased output, improved product quality, and simplified operation.


Advanced Belt Winding  

Valmet offers a wide range of different reel types, the latest is Advantage SoftReel B. It is a valuable tool for producing and preserving high quality tissue paper properties such as high bulk, softness and caliper, while minimizing broke and improving the production efficiency of converting operations.


Advantage NTT Concept  

The Advantage NTT technology has been developed in a full scale tissue pilot machine in Valmet’s Tissue Technology Center in Karlstad, Sweden. TM1 was rebuilt to run the NTT process under actual operating conditions. It is available for tissue makers to use for trial run of new NTT products..