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The Acrobat PDF documents below are white papers in the Valmet Technical Paper Series related to roll services. You may download as many papers as you like, simply by clicking on the white paper name in the Download column.


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360°Rolls - performance and cost  

Valmet's new 360°Rolls approach enables papermakers to achieve better results with a 360° view of rolls and the roll environment. This white paper describes the 360°Rolls concept, with analysis of each area of benefit in terms of revenue impact, asset management, lifecycle costs and risk mitigation. Examples of the proper use of current rolls technology are presented, as well as common roll-related challenges.


iRoll Update  

iRoll is a mechatronic system consisting of a roll in a web handling machine that also is used as a transducer for sensing cross-machine tension or linear load. The iRoll has force sensors mounted on it in a helical arrangement that measure the force applied by the material being produced, such as a paper web. iRoll has been used, both in permanent and portable modes, in all grades, including downstream on printing machines.


iRoll - The Intelligent Roll  

Valmet's intelligent roll, iRoll, is a system of a roll and force sensors that sense cross-machine tension or linear load. Issues such as loose web edges, OMC coater web shifting, winding problems and reeling defects have been solved with the iRoll measurements.


Roll Cover Developments - Tissue Press  

This white paper reviews recent tissue poly cover developments, specifically the PressFox TIS, VacuFox TIS, PressHusky and VacuHusky covers. An analysis of the operating conditions in a tissue press is made, and a case study presented.


Practical Roll Techniques - Improving Cover Life  

Extending roll cover life begins with identifying common roll cover problems and using appropriate methods to avoid damage. The effects of heating, cooling, and doctoring on roll cover life are reviewed and recommendations are given. Proper cleaning guidelines are summarized.


Practical Roll Techniques - Nip and Crown  

This paper describes the nip impression: how and why to take it plus tips on interpreting the results. Roll crowning is explained, including compound crowning and straight dubbing. Computer-based problem solving tools are presented.


Practical Roll Techniques - Grinding and Balancing  

Consistent grinding and balancing of rolls is necessary for efficient operation and optimum paper quality. This paper provides tips on roll inspections, balancing, grinding and grooving as well as roll handling and ceramic roll conditioning.



Roll Cover Development - Calendering  

Roll covers made of rubber, polyurethane, composite and hard coatings and their applications are described, including polymer rolls used in the elastic roll positions in modern multi-nip calenders. Polymer rolls with tough composite covers offer specific benefits compared to filled paper rolls, including endurance, reduced maintenance, improved paper quality and barring resistance.


Modernizing Rolls - Deflection Compensated Rolls  

Roll modernizations improve roll performance to a higher level than when the roll was new, thereby increasing machine performance while reducing maintenance costs. This white paper presents the most common modernizations for deflection compensated rolls.


Modernizing Rolls - Suction Rolls  

A Roll Mechanical Audit is typically the first step in a roll modernization, and is performed to learn the past behavior of the rolls and document current requirements for roll maintenance intervals or any needed process improvements.This white paper describes modernizations performed on suction rolls.