Process improvements and parts

The Acrobat PDF documents below are white papers in the Valmet Technical Paper Series related to process improvements and parts. You may download as many papers as you like, simply by clicking on the white paper name in the Download column.





Digital Hydraulics  

Controls are the biggest source of unexpected downtime in paper mills. Digital hydraulics can reduce this risk. By using digital hydraulics, fragile and expensive proportional valves are replaced with multiple inexpensive and robust on/off valves.


Winding Improvements  

Improvements in winding for paper and board are typically targeted to address issues of safety and capacity. Valmet's continuous development has resulted in the OptiWin Family of winders, most of which are also available as upgrades to existing winders.


Laminar Design Screen Basket  

With conventional wedge wire designs, the very narrow slot size leads to a rapidly increasing pressure drop over the screen basket and a corresponding increase in pumping energy required to counteract the restriction in screening capacity.


Fabrics - History and Forming Fabrics  

Tamfelt is now Valmet Fabrics, a major producer of technical and industrial textiles with a full range of paper machine clothing. This white paper reviews the history of Valmet Fabrics, provides fabric care practical tips, and describes Valmet's family of forming fabrics.


Fabrics - Press Fabrics  

This white paper discusses two related areas: press felts and shoe press belts. Within the press felt area, we first look at two Field Reports; general press fabric monitoring best practices and the issue of streaking on one machine. The discussion continues with felt stretching, nonwoven and hybrid felts, and shoe press belts.


Fabrics - Dryer Fabrics  

Valmet's dryer fabric product range covers all the dryer fabrics needed on paper and board machines. The PET fabrics are for normal paper machine conditions, whereas the PPS reinforced dryer fabrics are for hydrolysis-prone positions where high steam pressures are used. With a comprehensive range of fabric guides, stretchers, cleaners and onsite services, Valmet extends fabric lifetimes and brings the total cost of fabric ownership down.


Doctor Blades  

The special needs of doctoring systems in each paper machine section are addressed in this paper. Specialty equipment for operator safety and productivity is reviewed, along with procedures for doctor blade setup and troubleshooting.


Doctoring 101  

This technical paper provides a history and overview of doctoring, including the function and components of doctoring systems, the various types of blade holders and oscillation, the different blade materials, and doctoring auxiliary equipment.



This white paper highlights some of the effects as recorded on our Pilot Machine. We also show how to combat the side effects of draw using: Release EQ, ReleaseEye, ReleaseGap, center roll coatings, HiDrain, TrimBox, HiRun, VacModification, and others.


Field Services  

Valmet's services cater to the different needs of mills, ranging from equipment-specific services, such as condition tests and maintenance for a particular machine section, to services covering the entire production line, such as production development cooperation or maintenance outsourcing.


Headbox Flow Sheets  

The purpose of the traditional headbox flow sheet is multifold. Basic functions of headboxes will be discussed including the three types of flow sheet geometry: tapered, bullet, and blunt. Headbox flow sheet materials will also be reviewed.


Non-destructive Testing  

The white paper reviews the NDT (Non-destructive testing) process as performed by skilled Valmet personnel, with examples of problems found and actions taken to resolve these issues.


Total Tail Control  

When you have total tail control throughout the machine it clearly enhances production line efficiency. Mill experience with Valmet tail threading technology has been positive on fiber, paper, board and tissue machines worldwide, as seen in their enhanced production figures.


Vibration Analysis  

This paper will review what a vibration study consists of and why it’s performed. It will also discuss the process of machine analysis by vibration study, and provide some examples of "vibration signatures" which Valmet vibration experts encounter in the field.