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The Acrobat PDF documents below are white papers in the Valmet Technical Paper Series related to other services. You may download as many papers as you like, simply by clicking on the white paper name in the Download column.






Valmet Woodhandling is a global operation focusing on wood preparation for chemical pulp mills, paper mills and panel board mills. Recent efforts have focused on developing ways to maximize process uptime, while optimizing process parameters during debarking and chipping.


Robobaling and Dewiring  

This white paper discusses the typical layouts of baling lines and pulper feed systems, with emphasis on safety, efficiency and ease of maintenance and a rundown of the main equipment components. In addition, key services are described. Finally, we demonstrate how the equipment and services come together to achieve superior results by reviewing baling line and pulper feed system case studies.


Energy Savings  

The amount of energy used to manufacture the same paper or board grade may vary between different mills by as much as 30%. First we will look at how benchmarking forms the basis of energy comparison. Then we will look at several energy saving methods using Valmet technology concentrating on stock prep equipment, the dryer section and finally a case study in the press section.


Partnership Agreements  

Valmet offers a range of agreements for those mills looking to increase performance and profits while controlling costs; these encompass hourly service contracts, audits, planning assistance, rolls, parts and consumable contracts.


Maintenance Tips - Fluid Troubleshooting  

There are hundreds of different fluids control circuits on a typical paper machine, using literally thousands of pneumatic and hydraulic control devices. These controls perform a vital role in every operational control function of a pulp, paper, board or tissue machine. This white paper presents safety and general reminders for fluids maintenance, as well as practical tips and troubleshooting charts.


Valmet Breast Roll Shaker  

Valmet Breast Roll Shaker improves the sheet forming process by shaking the breast roll cross-directionally and breaking up fiber flocks by creating shear forces on the web. This improves sheet formation, and strength and visual properties.


Valmet Breast Roll Shaker 120



The new version of the Valmet's breast roll shaker uses 2 rotors instead of 4 and exerts a 120 kN force instead of 60 kN. It is also smaller, has a simplified design and is easier to maintain.


Reducing Total Costs - a Diverse Perspective  

This white paper examines multiple methods of overall cost reduction. These include unexpected downtime, consumables with too short lifetimes, lack of training and inefficient use of existing resources. A global perspective of resource usage is also presented.


Performance-based Value-added Maintenance  

Maintenance takes many forms, depending on the demands of known and unforeseen issues. Valmet has the ability to respond appropriately to all mill needs - from emergency service to long-term maintenance planning.


Controls Upgrade  

This white paper describes the methodology used by Valmet as part of a phased approach to a controls upgrade. The case studies in this white paper review replacement of obsolete systems such as Siemens S5 and Allen-Bradley PLC5 as well as obsolete hydraulic valves.

Refining and Bleaching Optimization  

This paper takes a look at the pulping, stock preparation and the wet end. Topics include refining, bleaching, stock thickening and pulp wash pressing. Several case studies and operational improvements are discussed, including RotoFormer, OptiThick DF, WavStar and TwinRoll Evolution.


Machine Relocation and Refurbishing  

Relocation and refurbishing of machinery is sometimes a necessity as companies adjust capacity with demand. Equipment is taken out of service or relocated to another mill. Valmet has extensive worldwide experience with equipment relocation and refurbishing, with specialized tools and methods.


Innovation: Rebuilds, Service and Design  

This technical paper includes several examples of Valmet innovation. First, we examine innovative emergency service provided for the Arauco earthquake-damaged recovery boiler. Then we review a unique approach to top felting at a pulp mill. Curtain coating, metal belt calendering and PressPolar roll cover are presented.