Finishing and coating

The Acrobat PDF documents below are white papers in the Valmet Technical Paper Series related to finishing and coating. You may download as many papers as you like, simply by clicking on the white paper name in the Download column.






Slitter Management  

Slitter Management brings slitting best practices to your winder with an overall objective of extending the duration between blade changes. This is accomplished by training and other resources to improve safety, lower costs and improve roll quality.

Coating and Sizing Challenges and Solutions  

There are many challenges in coating and sizing. Foremost are problems related to coat weight variation and sizer nip load profile. Root causes are identified and explained in this paper, as is a new novel technology for online load and profile measurement. Case studies are provided.


Metal Belt Calendering  

The effect of metal belt calendering on the quality of uncoated and coated paper was studied in two pilot scale trials. The results show that metal belt pre-calendering reduces the need for final calendering for double-coated fine paper.


Save Energy in Coating Drying  

Coating drying is expensive. A great deal of energy is needed to effectively evaporate sufficient water to dry the coating.Case studies are presented to illustrate examples of two state-of-the art technologies used today in coating drying.