Drying and air systems

The Acrobat PDF documents below are white papers in the Valmet Technical Paper Series related to drying and air systems. You may download as many papers as you like, simply by clicking on the white paper name in the Download column.


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DryWay pulp drying line concept  

Valmet has developed a pulp drying technology concept called DryWay. With its new former and cutter design and other process improvements, production speed and capacity is dramatically increased. DryWay components include: screening, forming, pressing, drying, cutting and baling, as well as threading. FiberFlash, an alternative pulp drying plant is also presented.


Savings in the Air  

Valmet air products provide opportunities to improve runnability, efficiency, drying energy performance and profitability. Start with an audit, then determine if upgrade or replacement is appropriate.


Upgrading Runnability  

The latest blow box designs include features that improve performance, decrease energy consumption and allow for a simpler means of maintaining the equipment. Runnability system rebuilds and upgrades enable higher speed, lower draws and better efficiency.


Air Flotation Dryer Tuning  

One easy way to save thousands of dollars a year and increase profits is to tune your air dryer and associated systems. This paper will discuss a few ways to restore the dryers to their original performance such as: alignment, nozzle cleaning, system balancing and burner service.


Flotation Drying  

Air dryers using impingement drying have been used to dry coated paper for many years.Valmet's OptiDry technology remarkably increases drying capacity without adding machine length. It is an excellent rebuild alternative, with minimal building modifications and short installation time.


Impingement Drying  

The latest air nozzle technology, PowerFloat Plus, combined with flotation dryers for coated paper and board including the PowerFloat and TurnDry dryer families, are examined in this paper. Case studies at NewPage Escanaba and Sappi Stockstadt are presented.


Process Engineering - Valmet As Your Drying Partner  

Stable runnability is a combination of many factors that operate smoothly together. Efficiency audits and runnability studies pinpoint immediate corrective action items and present clear suggestions for future energy management and cost savings projects. This white paper reviews the family of studies in the area of process engineering and customer service available from Valmet.


Steam and Condensate System Improvements  

Steam & Condensate (S&C) Systems distribute steam, regulate steam supply, control condensate removal, and ensure efficient re-use of flash steam and blowthrough steam in the dryer section. This paper describes S&C Systems, and presents components and services to improve efficiency.