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Saica Paper Partington renews Performance Agreement with Valmet: Looking for continuous development in paper machine performance

The Spanish paper and cardboard manufacturer SAICA, launched its U.K. operations in 2012 with the startup of PM11 in Partington. As of day one, Valmet’s expertise has been utilized on site. Due to a recent renewal of the Performance Agreement, the co-operation will continue until at least 2020.

Saica Paper UK's PM11 is a complete OptiConcept paper machine delivered by Valmet. It produces high-performance brown containerboard used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes utilizing raw material that is 100% recycled paper.

Pasi Häyrynen worked in Partington since 2010 as a Production Manager of the PM11 project. First, he was in charge of recruiting and training a team in Spain, and later commissioning and starting the mill up together with the Valmet project team.  He has worked as a Mill Manager for the site since 2013.

“I am satisfied with the good co-operation with Valmet’s team and with the good relationship we have developed over the years. After the initial warranties of the original PM11 delivery were fulfilled we continued with a new performance agreement – and recently signed our third agreement,” Häyrynen says.

Together for the better

Häyrynen gives several concrete examples of how the co-operation with Valmet has improved the mill’s performance.

“In the beginning, one of the action points was to focus on the stock approach stability as well as on both the MD and CD controls. A Valmet expert remotely monitored our system and control loops and made recommendations regarding the tuning. We have also used Valmet experts to optimize the pulper area controls and fractionation controls with good results,” Häyrynen says.

One of Valmet’s promises is to take the customers’ performance forward. At Saica, the dedicated work and co-operation, has led to developing new ideas for the forming section and winder area, hence the forming section cleanliness has been improved and winder speed increased. 

Future goals for PM11 are clear

Currently, the production capacity of PM11 is approximately 440,000 tons per year with the average speed of 1254 m/min. These numbers have been challenged by the PM11 team as the line has much more potential in it and new goals have been set for 2020.

According to Häyrynen, the biggest production increase potential is in the average speed. The next biggest potential is in unplanned shuts. The plans for next steps are clear.

“In order to increase our average speed, we need to be able to run the same grades at the same speed every time and try to eliminate the reasons preventing us from doing this. The normal reasons for this can be restrictions in our effluent plant, stock preparation or winder area. Unplanned downtime is a different matter, for this we are working with focus groups to improve known problem areas and also continue with root cause analysis for breakdowns to prevent them from happening again,” Häyrynen explains.

Annual speed trial provided a new record

It has become an annual tradition to run speed trials in order to find out the bottlenecks and prepare for the following years’ capital investments.

“The speed trial also gives us an opportunity to test and improve tail feeding at higher speeds. This is exactly what we achieved this year and of course at the same time we achieved our new 24h speed record – 1519 m/min! Valmet’s top specialists are supporting us during these trials and afterwards we always have technical discussions about how to solve any issues found,” Häyrynen tells.

Valmet’s know-how in paper-making is preeminent

Over the years, Valmet’s experts have gathered vast knowledge in paper machines and their maintenance, machine consumables, as well as the entire paper-making process. Today, Valmet also utilizes modern technologies such as remote connections, to offer speedy service. Through Performance Centers, Valmet’s globally working professionals are at hand around the clock.

“We see our customers as partners and always try to improve their performance as if it was our own. I think the basis for our achievements with Saica is the mutual trust and co-operative spirit built over the years,” says Pasi Puronurmi, Project Manager at Valmet. 

Performance Agreement aims for long-term improvements

Valmet offers Performance Agreements to its customers as a long-term solution for improving mills’ or machine’s performance. Co-operation with Saica Paper is a good example of benefits created by continuous work.

“Valmet Performance Agreement guarantees the customers our experts’ support in reaching agreed targets, benchmarked services and best practices and new insights through audits,” Puronurmi summarizes.

Pasi Häyrynen is satisfied with the continuous Performance Agreement Saica has had with Valmet.

“The agreement has definitely been a great benefit to us. One of the key benefits has been the one point contact the agreement provides. We do not need to remember or think of whom to contact within Valmet – we just contact our co-operation manager and he knows or finds the help that we need. The key with these type of agreements is longevity, personal relationships and trust. This can be achieved when you have the same contact for many years with a partner who knows how we work and think – and vice versa,” Häyrynen says.

* In the main picture, round the table from left to right: Nigel Lloyd, Simon Richman, Darren Hoyle, Darren Johnston, Steve Finch, Joan Oliveras, Chris Turner, Paul Evans, Pasi Häyrynen, Steve Fodor, Pasi Puronurmi and Barry Byrne.


SAICA – S.A. Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa

  • Founded in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1943
  • Market leader in Spain; produces sustainable solutions for paper and board packaging
  • Today, Saica operates in six European countries
  • Saica UK begun its operation in 2012 in Partington, a town near Manchester, with a new paper plant
  • PM 11 in Saica Paper Partington produces high performance lightweight papers with a capacity of 440,000 t/year
This can be achieved when you have the same contact for many years with a partner who knows how we work and think – and vice versa."
Pasi Häyrynen, Mill Manager