Remote access to pulp analyzer helps to control parameters

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Valmet has developed complete remote solutions for pulp and paper customers as a new way of continuing their production safely for both employees and customers.

A good example of remote services was applied at Suzano S.A.’s Três Lagoas mill. Suzano S.A. is the world’s largest producer of eucalyptus pulp. The company requested remote assistance to solve a problem with a Valmet Dirt Count Analyzer (Valmet DCD) analyzer, which uses cameras to measure the amount of dirt in pulp sheets. Valmet used different software for diagnosis and internal access to the equipment in this work.

Without the presence of a Valmet professional at the mill, the remote support service detected the reason for the abnormal performance. With remote access to the analyzer, the Valmet technician was able to improve the performance by changing the parameter settings. Typically, a service like this would have taken an average of three days, depending on the maintenance team’s travel time and availability.

For Valmet’s Director of Services in South America, Felipe Floriani, cases like this show the value of remote services:

We’ve already managed to perform several remote services using different solutions, and we continue to train our team and customers to use the tools at our disposal more effectively for remote services,” he points out.



  • Três Lagoas, Brazil


  • Troubleshoot Valmet Dirt Count Analyzer remotely.


  • Use of remote software for diagnosis and access to equipment.


  • Cost and time savings in problem solving.
  • Efficient and simplified support with Valmet remote tools.


  • Automation, Analyzers, Brazil, South America




Dirt Count Analyzer

The Valmet Dirt Count Analyzer (Valmet DCD) is an analyzer used for measurement of dirt count and brightness from pulp sheets at the baling line.