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Committed to sustainability at APP

Valmet was chosen to deliver key technology to APP's OKI pulp mill in 2014. Valmet's delivery scope included pulp drying and baling, evaporation, ash treatment, biomass drying and gasification, a lime kiln, green liquor handling, mill wide NCG collection and biomass boilers - making OKI one of the largest pulp mills in the world. Valmet's solutions represent the latest and best available technologies. Since the start-up in late 2016, the OKI mill has set the bar high by breaking several pulp production world records.

One of the main drivers behind the project for both parties was ensuring sustainable operation. "Our core focus areas are the four Cs - climate change, conservation, community, and commerce. While our business thrives, we need to ensure a balance and harmony with the environment, as well as the communities that live within our concession areas. By taking a landscape approach we ensure that as we grow, we're also helping to improve lives, and conserving and protecting the natural forests and landscape," says Christina Koh, Head of Global Communications at APP.

Towards Sustainability Roadmap Vision

In 2012, APP established the Sustainability Roadmap Vision. "The Roadmap Vision is APP's comprehensive sustainability strategy. This Roadmap committed us to a journey that places sustainability at the heart of every facet of our operation. It helps us monitor and manage key focus areas relevant to our stakeholders across our business and supply chain," explains Koh.

"We have set ambitious targets to help meet our goals. We are clear about the challenges along the way but we are equally determined to accelerate the pace of change, always taking a multi stakeholder approach and ensuring regular feedback for continuous improvement," she adds.

Education as a key for empowerment

As a part of APP's core focus areas in their sustainability strategy, the company has been involved in a local community education program. "Children and youth are the future, and education is seen as a way to help empower them to achieve better economic standards and get them out of the vicious cycle of poverty. For our education CSR program, we start at the basic level, building some 60 kindergartens spread around OKI villages surrounding our mills and forest concession areas. For youth, we are providing about 59 University Scholarships within our OKI communities in some 17 villages. So far 14 students have already graduated with Pulp and Paper Engineering degree and are already working as junior engineers at our OKI mill," tells Koh.

“So far our education CSR programs at OKI have been very well received by the local government bodies as well as the villagers. We will continue to put focus on education to help raise the standard of living for the local communities.”

- Christina Koh, Head of Global Communications at APP