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All aboard the edge of innovation

Meet Celebrity Edge, the first cruise ship in operation from Celebrity Cruises’ Edge Class. Last November, the ship set sail for the first time from Fort Lauderdale, USA, to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. While not the largest in size, the vessel is truly revolutionary on many levels and is environmentally friendly!

Starting with the hull, which is devised to minimize friction when the ship is in motion, the entire vessel is designed for efficient performance. “We believe this is a change in the industrial design in the marine business,” states Staff Captain Mattaios Karandreas.

Staff Captain Mattaios Karandreas, Celebrity Edge

At the heart of the ship is the Valmet DNA distributed control system. The solution is entirely customized according to customer requirements, and provides fully redundant onboard automation designed to handle the control and monitoring needs of the advanced Celebrity Edge.

“We have worked with Valmet since 2000 and never had any problem with cooperation. For us, it is important to have a trustworthy and reliable company to work with,” Mattaios emphasizes.

The latest and greatest in automation

Celebrity Edge is equipped with several advanced control solutions from Valmet. The Valmet DNA automation system is used for the machinery system, Power Management System, Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system, HVAC and the entire public area. The newly launched Valmet DNA Sea Optimal Mode enables the most fuel-efficient use of the diesel engine plant. Users can also access event history and analyze tools through the Valmet DNA Operate Trend and Event Archive.

Chief Engineer Stavros Zannikos (below) sees Celebrity Edge as a model project for building sister ships in the future. Lessons learned from this project provide a strong foundation for upcoming Edge Class vessels. “The experiences can be taken to the next vessel, utilizing all the best practices,” explains Stavros.

Chief Engineer Stavros Zannikos, Celebrity Edge

Tools for safe operation and troubleshooting

The automation system ensures reliability and safety while allowing Chief Electrical Engineer Patrik Matos to have absolute control. The Valmet DNA Operate Trend and Event Archive gives him insight into the most important areas of the ship to guarantee everything is under control. “This is a great tool for troubleshooting. All the findings help avoid uncertainty and improve the operation,” Patrik explains.

 Chief Electrical Engineer Patrik Matos, Celebrity Edge

The system allows engineers to make reports to assure that certain items are checked regularly, which adds another level of security. All of the data is stored securely for reference.

Each user of the automation system can customize their own operations desktop by selecting necessary process windows. This feature grants users easy access to information that is most relevant to follow.

“The history in trends tells me a lot. I can scroll through the time range and quickly dig into the details. At the same time, you learn more about the process and are also able to make some conclusions,” he says.

A safe and magical ride

One of the incredible onboard innovations is the Magic Carpet. Located outside the ship’s hull, the Magic Carpet is a space where passengers are able to have dinner, listen to live music and enjoy the sea breeze. The area allows passengers to feel as though they are flying over the vast sea – securely, of course.

Magic carpet, Celebrity Edge

The ship’s ESD system plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the Magic Carpet. On Celebrity Edge, ESD is effectively integrated into many areas to protect equipment and people from danger or failure. Patrik adds: “Our Magic Carpet, the innovative space where you can soar over the open sea, is one of the areas where ESD is used for the carpet’s gates. Even while offering new experiences to passengers, however, their safety is our priority.”

Environmentally friendly flue gas cleaning

Celebrity Edge also employs Valmet’s exhaust gas scrubbers to ensure sustainability. Both of the scrubbers are hybrid versions with open and closed loop operation. The scrubber system’s features, size and operation mode are all customized to the ship based on customer needs. Naturally, scrubber operation is also tracked with the Valmet DNA system using the same interface that eases work in the engine room.

Staff Chief Engineer Kostas-Konstantinos Topalis, Celebrity Edge


The Valmet Optifilter water treatment system cleans the scrubber washwater reliably, without the need for additional chemicals. Together with the scrubbers, the vessel meets even the tightest emission requirements all around the world.
Staff Chief Engineer Kostas-Konstantinos Topalis (above) says, “These are very good scrubbers. I would say the best ones on the market. Although, so far, we have not operated them too much while using alternative fuel.” Operation of the scrubbers, of course, can also be followed on the Valmet DNA system.


Celebrity Edge arrive in Port Everglades


Striving toward sustainability

Sustainability at sea is one of the top concerns for Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Edge takes the company’s efforts to interact sustainably with the environment to the next level. With numerous advanced control features from Valmet under the hood, the vessel is well on its way to reducing pollution in the environment. The transformational ship is equipped for safe and sustainable sailing across the Caribbean’s waters – and even on to the Mediterranean.


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For us, it is important to have a trustworthy and liable company to work with. Both parties have to be satisfied."
Staff Captain Mattaios Karandreas, Celebrity Edge
Valmet has a great tool for troubleshooting. All the findings help avoid uncertainty and improve the operation."
Chief Electrical Engineer Patrik Matos, Celebrity Edge