Valmet’s updated Code of Conduct drives standards of behavior

In 2015, Valmet updated its Code of Conduct and organized a management training and an obligatory global e-learning course for all employees. The updated Code links more strongly with Valmet’s shared values and introduces practical “dos and don’ts” to help apply the Code in daily work. The Code also includes instructions for reporting suspected misconduct, for which Valmet established a new reporting channel in 2015.

“Valmet needs a code of conduct to make sure that our operations – everywhere in the world – are conducted in an honest and truthful way, which is the only sustainable way to operate. Valmet is a large, international company operating in many different environments, and we need to ensure that all of us behave in a consistent manner, continuously. It also contributes to the welfare of Valmet’s key stakeholders,” summarizes Valmet’s General Counsel Rasmus Oksala.

Both the Code of Conduct leaflet and the e-learning material are available in 19 languages. Employees without Internet access are invited to attend classroom training. By the end of 2015, some 90% of Valmet employees had completed the training. All new employees are introduced to, and must familiarize themselves with, the Code of Conduct.

Valmet’s Code of Conduct guides the behavior and decisions of Valmet’s employees and its partners, and creates a uniform foundation for all our business transactions and work assignments. It is aligned with the principles set out in the UN Global Compact and addresses topics such as human rights, labor practices, environmental issues, compliance with laws and regulations, fair competition, occupational well-being and safety, and ethical standards throughout the value chain.