Orders received in 2013

In 2013 Valmet was part of Metso Corporation. The orders received below represent the orders received of Metso's Pulp, Paper and Power business. The list doesn't include letters of intent.

Date (and booking quarter) Description Business Line Country  Value
Feb 4  (Q4/2012) Pulp drying line Pulp and Energy Japan Not disclosed
Mar 15  (Q1/2013) Repeat order for tissue production line Paper Russia Not disclosed
Mar 18  (Q1/2013) Repeat order for two complete tissue lines Paper Turkey, Russia Not disclosed
Mar 19  (Q1/2013) Tissue line Paper Chile Not disclosed
 Apr 4 (Q1/2013) Containerboard line Paper Thailand Not disclosed
 Apr 26 (Q2/2013) Containerboard line Paper  China  Not disclosed
May 20 (Q2/2013)  Tissue production line Paper   Indonesia Not disclosed
 May 29 (Q2/2013) Complete tissue line  Paper  China  Not disclosed
Jun 24 (Q2/2013)  Cooking plant rebuild, brown stock washing and screening plants  Pulp and Energy  Sweden  Not disclosed
 Jun 26 (Q2/2013) Pulp line Pulp and Energy  Brazil  About EUR 400 million
 Jun 27 (Q2/2013) Containerboard line  Paper China  Not disclosed
 Jul 2 (Q3/2013) Continuing mill maintenance agreement Services  Germany  Not disclosed
 Sep 23 (Q3/2013) Biomass-fired power plant Pulp and Energy  Sweden  Not disclosed
 Oct 28 (Q3/2013) Power boiler upgrade and repair Pulp and Energy   Chile  Not disclosed
 Oct 29 (Q4/2013)  LignoBoost plant Pulp and Energy Finland   Not disclosed
 Oct 29 (Q3/2013)  Complete tissue line Paper Algeria   Not disclosed
Nov 4 (Q3/2013)  Recovery boiler single-drum conversion  Pulp and Energy  Finland   Not disclosed
Nov 12 (Q4/2013) Complete biomass fired power plant  Pulp and Energy  Croatia  Not disclosed
Nov 29 (Q3/2013)   Advantage NTT tissue line  Paper United Arab Emirates   Not disclosed
 Dec 5 (Q3/2013)  Tissue production line  Paper  Turkey   Not disclosed