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Production optimization

One of the world's leading systems for online computer optimized production plans for energy producers

Valmet DNA Energy Management is a modern, modular database software system for energy companies. It offers tools for load and price forecasting, energy production optimization and electricity trading. Separate modules allow each user to receive a tailor made system without need for expensive and time demanding software customization.


The system automatically calculates new production plans at a rate set by the user. The system operates with several time horizons, and it can calculate for example 24h and 7-day optimization. Apart from the automatically generated plans, it is possible to run an optimization manually.

  • Heat load forecasts
  • Electricity forecasts
  • Measurements
  • Spot trading
  • Production optimization
  • Long-term optimization
  • Excel reports


  • Online corrected automatically updated forecasts - as accurate as possible
  • Plants modelled with easy-to-use and easy-to-modify graphical user interface
  • Optimal production plan for heat and electricity production
    • lowest costs
    • optimal starts and stops
    • cheapest fuel
  • Optimal production plan for the physical trading on the energy markets, e.g. derivate, day-ahead and intraday-market: making the most of electricity market
  • Versatile and customized reporting and data export and import possibilities with Business Intelligence figures
  • The common system increases the quality of planning and transparency
  • The same way to plan for every shift
Facing the many choices in operation of an energy producing company, a common Energy Management System for the operating personnel is shown to be beneficial. This is because it gives the personnel a common ground for decision making, provides a tool for cost optimization, and acts as a dynamic way of getting immediate results when there are changes in the plan."
Jyri Kaivosoja, Product Manager, Valmet