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District heating

District heating is energy-efficient and reliable as a heating solution. Often, combined heat and power plants (CHP) or cogeneration plants produce district heating and cooling as well as electricity. Valmet offers a wide scope of expertise to the plants.

Automation for district heating plants

Valmet is specialized in the automation of district heat power plants in greenfield and retrofit projects. In addition to the Valmet DNA automation system, also Valmet DNA District Heating Manager, an optimizing solution for network stability as well as Valmet DNA Energy Management System, the production optimization and planning application, can be delivered.


  • Production optimization and planning: target loads, optimal start-up and shut-down times
  • Common system platform for all plant equipment and operations
  • Energy Management controls
  • Coordinated control of all district heat production units and pumping stations
  • District heat network control, controlling temperature and pressure fluctuations and pressure difference throughout the network
  • District heat demand and forward temperature forecasting
  • Economical follow-up of the energy production
  • Production monitoring and reporting


  • Increased quality of planning and optimized production
  • Transparency and same planning principles for each shift
  • Support for keeping the targeted production
  • Enables the optimal running order
  • Fast response to unexpected disturbances, heat demand changes, electricity prices and grid balance actions
  • Decreased production costs of heat
  • Maximized profits from electricity sales
  • District heat load forecasts

Valmet’s fluidized bed boilers, HYBEX and CYMIC, flue gas scrubbers can be utilized in efficient district heat production and with the automations solutions, energy management controls and production optimization and planning solutions the power plants can enhance the production.

Process controls

Valmet DNA - one system serves all your control needs.

Automation services

Valmet's services for automation are focused on innovative solutions which improve our customers’ profitability, and optimize their production and maintenance.