Combined cycle

For combined-cycle power plants, Valmet offers turnkey automation and information projects with a strong focus on life-cycle process optimization. The automation solution includes control, monitoring, protection, optimization and reporting applications. Our versatile performance improvement solutions are designed to cover all your plant equipment, from heat exchangers, steam and gas turbines to boilers, pumps and fans. Based on industrial standards, our solutions can be easily connected with third-party systems. Our proven experience ranges from very small units up to 1000 MW units.


  • Different operation modes
  • Plant main controls
  • Steam turbine automation
  • Gas turbine automation
  • Safety functions
  • Historian and reporting of key performance indicators
  • Asset management and condition monitoring
  • Energy management and production optimization
  • Operator training simulator


  • Reliable plant-wide automation solution with full redundancy
  • Integrated turbine control and safety systems
  • Comprehensive life-cycle service and expert teams close to customers
  • Extensive plant performance monitoring solution
  • Experience of power plants from 2 MW to over 1000 MW
  • Cooperation with several equipment suppliers
  • Trustworthy, world-class company with turnkey deliveries
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Automation for energy

Automation for energy

Valmet’s solutions for advanced power plant automation are based on the Valmet DNA automation and information platform. Valmet DNA is a highly integrated automation system for complete power plant control and monitoring.

Steam turbine automation

Steam turbine automation

Valmet’s steam turbine controller is an integrated part of the Valmet DNA automation system. This advanced integrated solution improves the cost efficiency of a power plant’s operation and simplifies system maintenance.

Gas turbine automation

Gas turbine automation

Valmet offers you the convenience and simplicity of a stand-alone gas turbine control combined with the thoroughness of a fully integrated system.