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NOx Scrubber

Valmet NOx Scrubber is the best solution when low NOx emissions are required, process conditions are challenging for conventional methods such as SNCR or SCR. The scrubber suits well for recovery boilers, lime kilns, incinerators, waste-to-energy plants, refineries and other industrial applications.

A true multi-emission control scrubber

NOx scrubbing is based on a technology where NO (nitrogen monoxide) in flue gas is oxidized with the help of an oxidant such as O3 or ClO2 to a soluble form of nitrogen oxides (NO2 and N2O5). NO2 and N2O5 are then washed from flue gas by an alkaline scrubbing liquid in a conventional flue gas scrubber.

As the absorption process is like that in a conventional scrubber, Valmet DeNOx Scrubber can act as a multi-emission control scrubber and reduce other soluble components from flue gas such as SO2, HCl, NH3 and dust. Existing scrubbers can be modified to reduce NOx emissions. Also, heat and water recovery can be integrated with the Valmet NOx scrubber process.

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