Download Industrial Internet guidebook 1

We have prepared a guidebook to open up the most important elements of the Industrial Internet and to explain why and how data can benefit your business.

The intelligent giant - Bohui Zibo BM6

A giant was born when Bohui started their new BM 6 – the widest and largest of its kind in Asia. From the initial start-up to the conversion to printing paper production, machine optimization has been supported from Valmet’s Performance Center.

The next step in the new nature of automation

Valmet’s first digital automation system was introduced 40 years ago. Over the years, the system has been further developed. The latest developments have been so revolutionary that today we are talking about the new nature of automation.

Predicting the future using data

Instead of typical production planning and control, data-driven applications incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) help us take a more holistic view of the entire chain of production by utilizing data from several sources. While Industrial Internet applications can be used to instantly optimize processes, they also allow us to predict what’s around the corner.


Metsä Group Äänekoski - Bioproduct mill

Valmet’s delivery to Metsä Group's Äänekoski Bioproduct mill included a recovery boiler, pulp drying line, gasification plant, lime kiln, sulfuric acid plant, and mill-wide Valmet DNA automation system.

SCA Ortviken’s paper machine PM5 upgraded with a new Valmet IQ Slice Profiler system

SCA Ortviken in Sweden needed to modernize the end-of-life slice control on the headbox of its paper machine PM 5.

Successfull PeriVapor installation in Hansol, Korea

Hansol HomeDeco installed the Valmet Steam Separator PV (PeriVapor) directly after the refiner on the mill’s line for core fiber production.

Tampereen Energiatuotanto’s Hervanta woodchip-fired heat plant

The new heating plant located in Hervanta area of Tampere is fired by wood chips and peat produces totally genuine local heat

About Valmet

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers. Valmet’s net sales in 2019 were approximately EUR 3.5 billion and it employs more than 13.000 professionals around the world. Valmet’s head office is in Espoo, Finland and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.