White Paper - Advantage BalanceControl

The ABC system may be easily and safely accessedwith a web browser at any time.Huge savings in energy consumption are possible for tissue machines having a well-balanced air system and the best possible drying strategy. Valmet's Advantage BalanceControl™ system will automatically monitor and balance your air system, maintaining the most cost-efficient process parameters.


By keeping the tissue machine air system well balanced and choosing the correct drying strategies a substantial reduction in energy consumptions may be obtained.

It has been well proven that system efficiency can be improved by measuring and adjusting air system parameters and settings. However, the question poses itself, how are these settings to be maintained? Lack of competence or insufficient information about the impact of incorrect settings can easily nullify the benefits initially obtained. Even different machine operating conditions, such as changes in production or the use of heat exchangers for hall ventilation, depending on the time of the year, can cause uncontrolled variations in air system balance, moving away from the optimal operating point.

Valmet has developed Advantage BalanceControl to solve this problem. The Advantage BalanceControl system allows the mill to maintain - in an automatic and continuous manner – the optimal settings for the air system, such as balance and exhaust humidity level, and the best drying parameters when choosing temperature and impingement speed.

The available Valmet White Paper describes Advantage BalanceControl and results that may be achieved.

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