Advantage™ ViscoNip® Service: Maintain best pressing conditions

Ensure best pressing conditions and full availability

The ViscoNip service program ensure that all functions are kept fully operational and include all necessary actions to maintain the equipment in best possible condition.

The long term service plan includes inspections, recommended replacements and operator’s training for most efficient implementation. Gain the benefits of continuous technology development.

Belt and wear cloth exchange

ViscoNip condition test, belt and wear cloth exchange.


First service after 12 month then every second year

Condition check:

• Hydraulics
• Wear cloth
• Nozzles
• Performance
• Belt
On-site: 1 Valmet expert + 4 trained operators
Time: 1 day

ViscoNip loading element exchange

Condition tests and exchange of loading element and wear cloth.

Intervals: First service after two years then every fourth year
Condition check: • Hydraulic systems
• Wear cloth
• Nozzles
• Verify performance
• Verify energy consumption
• Monitoring change of load element
• Monitoring change of belt
• Calibration of loading cells
On site: 2 Valmet experts + 3 trained operators
Time: 3 days


Skilled machine operators are essential for successful implementation of the service program. A three step interactive self study program is included in the service package.  The training is divided in three steps: Belt change, wear cover change and press body change. The theoretical part should be performed two weeks before the planned service action. Practical training is done under the guidance of Valmet experts in conjunction to site service.

ViscoNip long term service package - interval

ViscoNip long term service package - interval

For more information on Advantage ViscoNip Service, please contact your Valmet representative.