Working to improve your headbox operations

Good headbox flow sheet handling and installation prevent damage

Flow sheets are a critical part of headbox performance. They are used to adjust the turbulence level and scale generated in the headbox. This, in turn, will improve the sheet’s tensile ratio and visual properties. Sheets are brittle and must be handled with care during receiving, storage, installation, removal and cleaning.

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Troubleshooting headbox corrosion

The stainless-steel finish of a headbox may look indestructible, yet a scratch can cause problems with fiber flow, resulting in sheet uniformity problems and a poor end product. This article describes corrosion, fiber hang-up, cladding failure, fiber orientation and machine limitations and presents a case study of professional headbox analysis.

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Headbox apron shower troubleshooting

The key word in papermaking is uniformity, and the apron shower plays a primary role by keeping the headbox apron clean. This article presents tips on water volume, shower distribution, temperature control, water purity and nozzle maintenance and includes a case study of a fine paper mill suffering from heavy basis weight edges due to the headbox apron showers.

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Watch how Sappi Maastricht mill got a new future for its board machine