Size press issues? Learn from these case studies

SymSizer size press uneven nip loading

A SymSizer was having intermittent problems with sheet breaks when the rolls were nipped up. As the rolls touched, the sheet would steer to one side, wrinkle badly, and then break. The problem did not occur every time, so it was difficult to troubleshoot.

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Sizer applicator beam not unloading at sheet break

A mill was having issues with the top roll applicator beam on their SymSizer not opening on sheet breaks. It became a safety issue, as long handled crowbars were needed to assist the beam to open. This was also a risky situation for the health of the applicator beam if the roll were to wrap during a sheet break.

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Size press roll wear causes reel wrinkles and culls

A printing & writing paper machine experienced excessive wear on the bottom size press roll on the back edge. This caused excess starch to be applied to the sheet, sometimes causing the paper to wrinkle at the reel and be culled.

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