Valmet Customer Portal

Step into Valmet’s collaboration space.

Valmet Customer Portal


To provide the best on-line services experience for you, we are constantly developing our services. We want you to feel that your team and ours are one crew on a shared journey forward. As part of this we have developed a unique digital space for continuous collaboration and real-time information sharing between you and us. Valmet Customer Portal is a collaboration space that brings Valmet’s expertise and on-line services into one platform to make working together easier than ever before.

Contact experts

Solve problems

Benchmark performance

Build capabilities

Share ideas

The portal is constantly being developed further – new services and features are built based on the feedback from customers.

The content in the Valmet Customer Portal is personalized according to each user’s profile and interests.

The online services, functionalities and usability of the portal have been developed together with customers. 

Developing it together has been the key issue from the very beginning, as we want this portal to be something that truly responds to our customers’ needs.
Petri Lakka, Vice President, Services Development at Valmet

Available online services

In the first phase we are launching the following online services to support our everyday collaboration:


My Day - gives you a quick view of what's on the table just now for you

Expert community
helps you to find the right answer easily to your issue. You see who is part of your Valmet team. You can chat, start a group discussion, search for a solution or you can contact the experts at Valmet Performance Center. Your Valmet experts are always close to you.

Through Learning, you can build your teams’ capabilities and competences. You can see your selected courses, follow the progress of your team’s training program, as well as search for courses, and pre-sign-up.

In Opportunities, you see the status of your development plan called Shared Roadmap with defined actions for a set time frame. Results of the actions can be followed up, and learnings and related new ideas can be shared between our teams and inside your company.

The Operations Panel is your view to Valmet Industrial Internet applications and services. Through dashboard views, you easily get the right information to follow up the status of your operations and the progress of your business targets. 

Valmet eStore for spare parts


Through eStore, the e-commerce platform, you can search, verify and purchase needed spare and wear parts fast and easy by using parts lists and illustrations. Using it results in lower spare part inventory need and repair cost. It also provides quick access to technical documentation.

Valmet Customer Portal is a collaboration space that brings Valmet’s expertise and online services into one platform to make working together with customers easier than ever before.

Take a look at what the portal looks like and how it helps our customers in their everyday lives.

Valmet Customer Portal brings a new dimension to working together with customers. It’s a unique digital space for real-time information sharing and continuous collaboration.

Step in and catch the feeling of a digital collaboration space.