Performance service program

for tissue converting

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Why the Performance service program?

Since equipment maintenance and performance are subject to high volatility over time, it’s fundamental for our customers to minimize the costs and the risks of downtime. With Performance service program, we can ensure the performance of the machines for a whole year at a fixed cost. Our highly skilled service team is available to enhance performance and minimize downtime. Our tools can offer supervision and solving issues, plus, with our remote pre-assessment, we know in advance which spare parts are needed on-site.

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What is the Performance service program?

Performance service program is an agreement that bundles all the needed services, the best practices and our expertise into a single program. We put at your disposal the know-how to ensure adequate maintenance plans are scheduled and executed timely to reach unprecedented efficiency levels, minimizing the risk at the same time.

A different and flexible approach with our tools and expertise

Tissue Performance Center

Customer spare part management

Performance test

Dedicated maintenance

Remote pre-assessment

Remote support

Different packages of services to meet your needs



With the light package, our qualified technicians are available for 2 technical interventions in 12 months plus activities and suggestions on how to improve the performance of your assets.



Qualified technicians available for 2 technical interventions in 12 months and thanks to the pre-assessment, we can provide you information on the maintenance activities and preorder the spare parts needed on site.



Qualified technicians available for 3 technical interventions in 12 months, preorder of spare parts, TPC support, digital services and discount on training and other services.



In addition to the standard packages, please contact our team for a specific program designed on your needs.

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