Pioneering tomorrow: Co-creating the next era of papermaking – workshop

What: Pioneering tomorrow: Co-creating the next era of papermaking – workshop

Where: In Jyväskylä during the Papermakers’ Night 2024

When: Thursday 13th of June


In 2023, Valmet started an internal project of reimagining the next generation of production lines. Over 140 R&D professionals contributed nearly 900 entries to create a holistic picture of how the best production lines of the future operate, look, and feel in the following decade.

Now that we have a coherent internal perspective on how the future production lines may shape up, we want to share glimpses of it with you – our customers  – and question, revise and expand on it in a co-creation workshop. This workshop organized during the Papermakers’ Night 2024 offers you a unique possibility to share your wishes, challenges, and ideas about the future of papermaking with your colleagues around the world, and have direct input on Valmet’s future development projects.

The outcome of the workshop will be a collection of raw ideas and concepts on how the ideal future might come to fruition. These outputs will be shared with the participants afterward and studied further in Valmet’s R&D and – if applicable – in collaboration with the customers interested in advancing them. We sincerely hope and aim for this workshop to offer a starting point for a great shared journey.

Representation of future paper machine by Midjourney artificial intelligence

During the workshop, you will be workshopping aroud the following topics.


Crew behind the workshop

Our talented industrial designers have designed this co-creative workshop for Papermakers' Night attendees.

Juhani Salonen, Industrial Design Manager

Juhani’s expertise ranges from jewelry design to heavy industrial machinery, from welding to bespoke leather items and self-publishing books on niche topics, and many more – all products of an infamously short attention span that became a strength when placed under R&D with swiftly changing topics.

His passions include concept design and agile R&D practices. One of his most beloved heuristics is the claim that, contrary to popular belief, product development can be quick, fast, and easy with the right tools and mindset.

Juhani started at Valmet in 2017.

Mari Airio, Industrial Design Manager

Mari has gained experience in human-centered design for heavy industry machines, equipment, services, and systems for almost 20 years. She got to know the “soul life” of paper machines once as a summer trainee and lost her heart to big machines. Since then, her mission has been to create more humane and approachable machinery for the industry.

Since 2012, Mari has worked for Valmet, being responsible for the design of products, services, and systems as well as the development of the user experience. She continuously develops design practices and guidance with Valmet's design team and shares her design expertise with the entire organization. Before joining Valmet, she worked in a design agency, supporting corporations in developing product design and usability of industrial machinery. 

Mari is passionate, creative, and determined individual, whose curiosity makes her constantly study new things. In addition to her work at Valmet, she is currently completing doctoral studies at Aalto University.