Experience the nature


Beautiful, clean and quiet



Hotel Sveitsi is located in the heart of the most exciting part of Southern Finland: it is surrounded by beautiful, clean and quiet nature. We offer you the possibility to explore the pineforest filled nature through guided activities. There are also several activities in the hotel, such as outdoor and indoor swimming pools and a gym, which you can explore at your own pace. 


Guided nature experience on Wed June 15

We have arranged 2 guided nature experiences for you take part on Wednesday 15th afternoon after the day programme has ended and before we gather together for the dinner. You have enrolled for the nature experience when you registered to the event.


How to prepare for the nature experience?

To be prepared for the nature experience, please take into account the following:

  1. Pack along sporty clothes for outdoor activities. Remember also appropriate shoes for biking or walks in the woods, e.g. sport sneakers.
  2. Please remember that June might still be chilly and rainy in Finland.
  3. Activity specific gear like bikes and helmets will be provided for you.


Guided fatbike tour in the woods

Experience the Sveitsi Nature Park on a bike!

Sveitsi Nature Park offers scenic and diverse tracks for fatbiking. The pace and route will be planned to be suitable for the group. We will also have several breaks during the tour. Before we set off we will get acquainted with the fatbikes and the participants will get guidance for safe cycling. The fatbikes are equipped with very thick tyres and have an excellent grip. Because of the fat tyres the fatbikes are also light to cycle on an uneven terrain.


Guided walk tour in the woods

Relax, reconnect and immerse yourself in the forest!

Join us for a mindful walk which brings you all the positive health benefits that come from spending time in nature. During the walk we will clarify our thoughts and connect our senses with nature. The activity includes information about the health effects of spending time in nature. We also do a mindfulness exercise and immerse ourselves in the forest with a 30 minutes long nature bath lying down on the camping mat wrapped up in a blanket. This activity will help you to become relaxed and recharged.