Begin your dialogue with data by utilizing Valmet roll products and expert services through our Intelligent Roll Solutions. This intelligent service platform provides new ways to analyze roll data and connect globally for onsite and online expert and service support for paper, board and tissue machines. Identify problems and ways to optimize the production process easily while knowing Valmet professionals are within your reach to provide the proper solutions.

Top paper quality and efficient production


Papermakers can obtain significant cost savings through improved nip profiles, parent roll hardness profiles and tension profiles as well as printer and converter satisfaction using Valmet iRoll.

iRoll benefits include:

  • Full-speed online profile measurement with high CD-resolution throughout the whole paper making line
  • Improved sheet tension profiles and runnability of the end product
  • Online measurement and control of roll hardness profiles, assuring optimal reeling and winding efficiency
  • Optimized roll cover crowning thus assuring better nip loading conditions and even dewatering in press nips
  • Significant cost savings through improved nip profiles, parent roll hardness profiles and tension profiles
  • Printer and converter satisfaction

Valmet iRoll is a practical application of Industrial Internet for paper makers and maintenance experts. Besides the profile measurement and control tools, Valmet iRoll enables also online condition monitoring of nip loading equipment with connectivity to remote support and analytics services.

Meet some of our iRoll customers

The results from cooperation with Valmet has been satisfying in energy savings and machine speed increase. We are looking forward to continue the development further in order to improve the energy and production efficiency even further and to get more cost savings.”

 Mr. Jong-Dae Byun, Director & Mill Manager

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