Capital Markets Day 2018

Valmet's Capital Markets Day 2018

Valmet's Capital Markets Day for institutional investors and analysts took place in Helsinki on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The aim of the Capital Markets Day is to provide information and an update on Valmet's strategy and business outlook.

Get a head start to the CMD - learn the core facts of Valmet's business lines below!

Services at a glance

Presented by Aki Niemi, President, Services business line

Can’t watch right now? A brief summary:

Valmet has a leading market position in Services: we are globally either #1 or #2, depending on the segment. Since 2013, orders received of the Services business line have grown organically with an average growth rate of approximately 5 percent per annum, which is more than two times the market growth of 1-2 percent. Valmet is implementing a shift towards more unified and customer oriented services, and a lot of focus has been put on sales training and account management. The market drivers for services are increasing pulp, paper and energy production, demand for more efficient processes, outsourcing of non-core operations, and aging installed base.

Automation and Industrial Internet at a glance

Presented by Sakari Ruotsalainen, President, Automation Business Line

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The ability to provide our customers also with process automation is the key factor differentiating Valmet from its competitors. Approximately two thirds of the Automation business relates to the pulp and paper industry, while the remaining one third relates to the energy and process industries. Orders received of the Automation business line have increased at an average growth rate of approximately 9 percent per annum since Valmet acquired the business in 2015. The Industrial Internet applications and remote services are enablers for growth of performance-based services and the utilization of new business models. Valmet’s Industrial Internet solutions rely on our unique combination of process technology, automation and services know-how.

Pulp and Energy at a glance

Presented by Bertel Karlstedt, President, Pulp and Energy Business Line

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Valmet has a world-class offering for pulp mills, and can deliver a complete pulp mill or any part of it. In energy, Valmet supplies solutions and technologies for heat and power generation, air emission control, and biofuels. Pulp is typically approximately 60 percent of the business line, and energy about 40 percent. The demand for pulp is driven by the growth in board and tissue consumption. There is a need for virgin wood pulp also due to recycling rate limitations. In energy, the market drivers are growing energy consumption, demand for sustainable energy and modernization of aging plants.

Paper at a glance

Presented by Jari Vähäpesola, President, Paper Business Line

Can’t watch right now? A brief summary:

Valmet is the global market leader in supplying technologies and solutions for board, tissue and paper manufacturing. Valmet has delivered over 1,600 board and paper machines and more than 200 tissue lines, and of the world’s paper and board, approximately 40 percent is made by Valmet machines. The demand drivers for board include increasing world trade and e-commerce, as well as substituting plastics with renewable and recyclable packaging materials. For tissue, the demand is growing fastest in the developing countries, where the increasing population, rising living standards and purchasing power as well as urbanization are driving the demand.