Smart filtration ensures lower freshwater consumption and lower chemical consumption. Valmet offers the widest, most versatile array of filtration solutions for high throughput and increased stock consistencies.

Rooted in the OEM legacies of Celleco®, GL&V® and Hedemora®, Valmet continuously develops filter technology to drive customer performance forward. With solutions capable of helping you efficiently handle varying flows and freeness, our filtration portfolio includes:

Valmet Disc Filter CDI - for flexibility in concentration and freeness

Valmet Disc Filter CDP - for lower flow fiber recovery applications

Valmet Disc Filter VDF - for medium freeness thickening applications

Valmet Ultrafiltration - for freshwater savings and better paper machine runnability

Valmet’s filtration solutions also include its versatile bow screens, which separate fiber and water across many different applications.

Filtration Products

Smart filtration solutions

Looking for versatility and performance for any fiber recovery or thickening application?
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