Ropeless tail threading solutions

Valmet's new ropeless tail threading technology improves operational safety

Compared to conventional carrier rope systems, Valmet's ropeless and automated tail threading solutions achieve significantly shorter tail threading times.

Key benefits

  • Improved operator safety: no accidents due to ropes
  • Decreased tail threading time
  • No loss of production time due to rope changes
  • Minimal tail threading waste


Ropeless tail threading solutions

Automated Valmet Tail Threading Double Fabric1
is a compressed
air operated solution for double-fabric dryer sections.  

Valmet Tail Threading Belt2  is an efficient solution for open draw and rope-feeding locations after the dryer section.

Valmet Press Tail Threading Belt3 is a reliable and safe vacuum conveyor for press section tail threading.


1earlier known as TailDoc
2earlier known as FoilForce1
3earlier known as PressForce