Valmet Forming Fabric OP for board and paper machines

The Valmet Forming Fabric OP has excellent dewatering and profile characteristics. Specially optimized for liner and fluting machines, this high-performance fabric improves machine efficiency and paper quality as well as provides major cost savings.  

The structure combines a fine paper side and a wear resistant bottom side.


  • Cleaner wire loops -> lower break rate
  • Long running times
  • Lower drive loads -> energy savings
  • Higher strength values (CMT, SCT, Burst, Bond)
  • Better printability
  • More even paper profile
Benefits - OptiProof forming fabric


Huge improvements  through forming fabrics

Huge improvements through forming fabrics

The right forming fabric can bring about huge improvements in boardmaking. Valmet Forming Fabric OP improves machine efficiency and paper quality as well as providing major cost savings – all benefits warmly welcomed by packaging grade producers.

In addition to featuring a long lifetime and effective dewatering, the fabrics must have a good retention capability, minimal fiber and water carry, high dimensional and diagonal stability, as well as good fiber support
Pekka Kortelainen, Product Technology Manager for Forming Fabrics at Valmet