Valmet Slitter Service Quick Checks

Winder operators, to be effective, need to keep on top of the slitting section's performance. Doing this safely, accurately and at regular intervals are key factors for winding excellence.

Performing Valmet Slitter Service Quick Checks at each slitter position between sets or on a shutdown is recommended. This is a standard part of the Valmet Slitter Management operator training program. Doing these quick checks regularly and consistently across shifts will guarantee a smoothly running slitter section. It also provides the finishing superintendent and operators a way to grade their performance with respect to slitting. With quick checks, your product quality is protected!

-> Depth

-> Sideload

-> Gap

-> Blade seating

-> Shear angle

-> Bearing & motor

-> Holder sequencing

-> Air leaks & parts

Quick checks scorecard

Valmet has developed additional copyrighted tools to further help operators maintain a consistent slitter setup. The first tool, the quick checks inspection report (or scorecard) was designed with operations management and operators in mind. This scorecard allows you to inspect 5 positions against the most important 10 parameters to see how operators are setting up the slitter section from shift to shift. Using the report regularly will help you track slitter maintenance and operability, as well as determine where to focus your training efforts. Your Valmet Slitter Management representative will be happy to explain the use of the quick checks scorecard at your convenience.

Quick checks booklet

The second printed tool, the quick checks booklet, is a handy pocket-sized reference guide that covers the quick checks slitter setup and adjustment key areas that are described in this section of the slitter management website.

Your Valmet Slitter Management expert is ready to provide you with printed versions of these helpful guides upon request. The printed version of the quick checks scorecard has the instructions for use conveniently printed on the back of each page.