Valmet Headbox Wedge CF

Valmet Headbox Wedge CF* is especially designed for OptiFloDurawedge II, OptiFlo Pro and Valmet Doctor Blade Carbon VP** headboxes.


  • Improved control over the scale and intensity of headbox flow turbulence
  • Better headbox hydraulic performance
  • No need to remove wedges from the headbox during cleaning
  • Excellent wear and temperature resistance  

Valmet Headbox Wedge CF is made of carbon fiber. The expected lifetime of wedges is over 5 years.

Wedges help to maintain optimal disturbance-free fluidization in the slice channel. Their main function is not to produce turbulence at the tip as in the case of conventional headbox sheets. The tip of wedges does not need to be located near the slice opening.

No tricky fine tuning of wedges is required. Only one wedge length and one tip shape are needed due to optimized wedge hydraulics.


*earlier known as DuraWedge
**earlier known as ValPro