Applicator Rods – long lifetime reduces costs

With our Applicator Rods, whether you use Valmet Applicator Rod Grooved, Valmet Applicator Rod Smooth or Valmet Applicator Rod Smooth C (ceramic), you will achieve excellent coating and paper quality, maximum production capacity and optimized costs.


Excellent paper quality is achieved with uniform film formation, excellent profiles & skipping-, splashing- and misting-free process.”


Valmet Applicator Rods are made to last. Increased rod lifetime means fewer rod changes and less rods used, resulting in savings in time and costs.

The different Valmet Applicator Rod types are compared in the chart below. We are happy to help you to choose the product for your needs.

Valmet Applicator Rods


The cornerstones of Valmet Applicator Rod manufacturing

Over the years we have developed top-notch raw material know-how and our own steel specification. Also, our own metal laboratory for quality control and product development ensure that we only use high quality raw material free of defects.

We have developed inspection methods and special equipment developed to secure consistent production process and product quality.


Customer Case: Valmet Applicator Rod Smooth C shows no wearing after five months

A customer’s machine (LWC coating & Film size press) was using competing ceramic rods with a lifetime of less than two months. After 1,5 months running time, the coating quality was getting worse – remarkable wearing and worsening of surface roughness had been measured.

Smooth ceramic Valmet rod was running five months without any problems. Excellent film formation and coat weight profiles were achieved during the whole running period. There was practically no wearing and the surface roughness stayed on the level of a new rod.

Sizer consumables results from Valmet