OptiWin winder family - winder for each winding need

Right winder for each winding need

Utmost reliability and capacity that definitely meets paper machine's needs - that's the best way to describe Valmet's OptiWin winder family. From OptiWin winder family, you will find right winder for each winding need for all paper, board and pulp grades.

OptiWin winders are all known for

  • High capacity
  • Good runnability
  • High quality rolls
  • Reliability

OptiWin winder family cover all winding technologies:

  • Traditional two-drum winding
  • Advanced two-drum winding with soft drum and belt supported winding
  • Ultra-high capacity two-drum winding
  • Multistation winding
  • Pulp winding

Each winder can be equipped with different levels of automation. The winder can be upgraded for higher automation level or capacity. Check out the information about winder improvements  - customized solutions that improve production or maintenance efficiency and ensure good customer roll performance at the printing house or converting plant.

The experience of over 500 winder deliveries and over 1500 winder modernization has established Valmet as the leading developer of winding technology. We offer advanced winding solutions for all paper and board grades and for all web widths.

We invite you to carry out your winding trials at Paper Technology Center. All winding technologies can be tried out with your own paper or board.

Valmet´s famous WinDrum Pro, WinDrum, WinDrum Compact, WinBelt, WinRoll, JR 1000 and pulp winders are now combined under the renewed OptiWin winder family.

The 1000th winder