Effective environmental noise control with Valmet Sound Attenuators

Efficient noise control is of vital importance for the well-being of people. Also legislation and other authority requirements of both external and internal noise levels are continuously being tightened. Valmet Sound Attenuators* are our comprehensive solutions for your mill site needs.


Pioneer in paper mill noise control 

As part of environmental protection requirements, noise control is an essential element that requires overall know-how and experience of industrial conditions. Valmet is a pioneer in the area of environmental noise abatement. We have expert know-how and extensive experience of paper mill noise control. We also have a large number of references of both external and internal noise control.

A key principle in noise control is to reduce the noise as near its source as possible. In Valmet’s concepts, considerable costs are saved by utilizing the equipment lay-out, directivity and screening of sound.


At your service

We provide complete guaranteed solutions of ventilation noise control systems including noise surveys, sound measurements and reference point sound level calculations.

Bringing results to the customer - Rhein Papier Plattling PM1


The environmental concerns of Rhein Papier, Plattling paper mill also include noise control. At the planning stage of the new PM1 paper mill, the environmental noise levels were specified. As the mill is situated very close to the city of Plattling, the requirements for noise abatement resulted in a guarantee sound pressure level of 70 dB(A) at 1m distance from each external noise source.

All process exhaust air equipment and machine room ventilation units were supplied with  Valmet  Sound Attenuators  dimensioned to 70 dB(A). As an example of the silencer efficiency, even the turbo blower exhaust air was attenuated from 134 dB(A) to 70 dB(A).


*earlier known as GreenSound silencers