Tail threading solutions for board and paper machines

Tail threading

A reliable tail threading process decreases tail threading times, minimizes waste and improves safety. This means an investment in your process is an investment that pays for itself. Whether you need improvements in paper, board or tissue machines, Valmet has an advanced tail threading solution that clearly enhances your production efficiency.

Safety and efficiency through total tail control

Valmet's process know-how and tail threading experts help you enhance the efficiency of your production line while improving operator safety.

Key elements of total tail control:

  • Automation
  • Process know-how
  • Tail cutting and web widening
  • Steam and condensate system
  • Quality control
  • Draw management
  • Break management
  • Tail threading technology
  • Drives
  • Installation and startup
  • Tail threading know-how
  • Tail threading services

Our comprehensive range of tail threading services, from preventive maintenance to tail threading study secures optimal operation of your equipment and reduces threading times. 

Northern efficiency

Northern efficiency

PM 5 in Stora Enso's Veitsiluoto mill in Kemi, northern Finland, is able to produce more than 700 tonnes of LWC paper per day. In 2011, the company decided to invest in the line's runnability and efficiency. As a result, the number of production breaks and the amount of broke were significantly decreased.

Sappi Kirkniemi relies on Valmet

Sappi Kirkniemi relies on Valmet

The pulp and paper industry faces major challenges in improving the economics of their operations. Papermakers are seeking new ways to concentrate on core business of making paper. Kirkniemi mill has taken advantage of Valmet’s skills and expertise to maintain critical machinery and secure production line availability.




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