OptiFormer Gap with roll blade

OptiFormer Gap with roll blade technology is a solution for high-speed gap forming applications. Initial dewatering is done by a forming roll operating at constant drainage pressure, and this is followed by a loadable blade area. Valmet's OptiFormer Gap with roll blade technology provides:

  • Proven and stable web forming
  • Symmetrical dewatering and high dryness 
  • Excellent formation and runnability
  • Easy maintenance and good cleanliness 

The optimized blade geometry employed yields excellent paper quality with enhanced runnability and high retention. Symmetrical dewatering allows good z-directional filler and fines distribution control. The optimized blade geometry ensures excellent formation using lower headbox flow rates, which results in higher headbox consistency compared to the multifoil shoe concept. Lower headbox flow also has a positive effect on many paper properties such as strength and porosity.

The good support and stability provided by the forming fabrics contribute to excellent profiles. The stiff and stable frame construction allows high speeds with low vibration.

The user-friendly cantilevering system makes maintenance, cleaning and forming fabric changes easy. Optimized water treatment and ventilation minimize misting and result in outstanding cleanliness.

OptiFormer meets the specific requirements of woodfree and woodcontaining paper grades. OptiFormer is the optimum choice for a good combination of formation, porosity and internal bond strength.

Customer success stories

Instant success in fine paper market for Shandong Huatai mill

Instant success in fine paper market for Shandong Huatai mill

“Quality is one of the reasons why our customers trust us. The evenness of raw paper is vital in art paper production. With the help of Valmet’s technical support and advanced equipment, we started producing art paper with the best quality after just three months.” explains Wei Li Jun, General Manager from Shandong Huatai mill.