Valmet DNA

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Valmet DNA software

Detailed study of software tools and system design principles, practical exercises, basics of system hardware.

Valmet DNA hardware

Detailed study of system hardware and networks; connectivity with devices, stations and I/O cards; hardware failures; basics of system software.

Valmet DNA Info-server

Principles of configuration and operation, use of system and user software tools, trouble-shooting.

Valmet DNA configuration

Principles of software and hardware configuration, network settings for various types of equipment (VME, Valmet ACN, PC), trouble-shooting of possible failtures.

Valmet DNA Basic course

A comprehensive survey of the operation, structure and operating concepts of Valmet DNA. Basic concepts of maintenance, application planning and the use of the different nodes are examined. Basic structures, use and functions of the equipment and hardware units are presented.

Valmet DNA Maintenance course

A detailed review of the functions, structures, maintenance and calibration procedures of the Valmet DNA hardware units and peripheral devices. Practical exercises give an insight into troubleshooting, fault rectification, measuring and maintenance by using self-diagnostic.

Valmet DNA Engineering course

Review of different phases of Valmet DNA’s application engineering. Application program configuration principles for individual activities are explained. The course provides a detailed survey of the use of the customers programming equipment primarily in regard to application program modifications. The different phases of making the most typical modifications (for example measurement scale and motor interlocking connection modifications) and adding new simple loops are practiced in exercises.

Valmet DNA Basic Info-server

Basics of Info-server structure and typical user tools.