Valmet IQ quality management system for self-adhesive laminating processes

Producers of self-adhesive label stock face a number of quality problems originating not only in the converting operation but also with release liner and face materials that often originate from outside suppliers. Valmet IQ is an advanced quality control solution that can provide ideal conditions for the self adhesive laminating process and optimize as well as verify final product quality. New sheet quality measurements, innovative moisture profiling as well as web monitoring and inspection systems help reduce production costs, enable faster time to specification and reduce waste.

Patented sensor technology

The Valmet IQ Silicone and Adhesive Measurement is designed especially for demanding paper and self adhesive laminating applications to measure silicone coated release liners. Measuring the –CH bonds, present in all silicone and adhesive types, makes it possible to accurately and independently measure silicone without any disturbance of the clay in base paper unlike XRF (x-ray fluorescence) based instruments.

Mounted on a single sided scanning frame to provide continuous cross direction measurement profiles of the silicone coat weight, a second sensor after the adhesive application measures the adhesive coat weight. The accurate scan averages and high-resolution CD profiles measured by the new sensor provide a solid foundation for Valmet IQ’s machine- and cross-direction silicone and adhesive controls.


Valmet IQ One-sided Scanner installation

Re-moistening with fine water mist

The Valmet IQ Converting Moisturizer is used to control moisture levels and profiles of release liner and final laminate curl to improve laminate uniformity and runnability. IQ Converting Moisturizer sprays a extra fine mist to the paper in a controlled way, providing a very high degree of control and very fast response to quality destroying conditions.

Web inspection and monitoring

Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision (PQV) provides web inspection and monitoring tools for online defect inspection, detecting coating streaks and voids and video monitoring of key process operations. Defect inspection at unwinding, for instance, helps identify raw material problems like holes or other serious defects that can cause streaks and quality issues not originating in the laminating machine itself. Printing surface inspection at the reeler provides the final quality assurance step.

Optimizing performance and product quality

Valmet IQ Applications are the core of the system with joint user interface and intelligent control applications that let you monitor and optimize machine performance. Production and quality parameters can be easily monitored with the system providing a clear view into process and product quality at all times. Valmet IQ is supported with a wide portfolio of quality management services from remote on-demand assistance to comprehensive lifecycle support.

Valmet IQ CONVERTING Moisturizer

Control and reduce curl and increase self-adhesive
laminate label flatness

Minimize laminating machine waste and customer

Increase converting machine throughput

Valmet IQ Converting Moisturizer

Label stock quality control takes a giant leap forward

Managing the quality of self-adhesive label stock on laminating machines is now easier and more efficient than ever with Valmet's quality control system.