The demand for corrugated packaging is increasing since more and more people do their shopping online. As the boxes used to deliver the goods need to be durable, quality control plays an important role in manufacturing corrugated board. Continuing recent successes with Valmet IQ quality management systems to warp control for multiply corrugated board production, Valmet has developed a totally new concept for quality oriented process control of corrugating machines.

New era in corrugator controls

With Valmet’s advanced quality control solutions, the quality of corrugated board and production performance of corrugators can be significantly improved. From the single facer to the double backer, efficient moisture control in addition to temperature control has been shown to improve gluing, reduce fluting defects or washboard and eliminate warp in the final product.


Valmet IQ quality control concept for corrugators


  • Valmet IQ Moisturizer profiler to correct all kind of warp board by adding a fine and controlled water mist in to the liners
  • Valmet IQ Steam Profiler to minimize warp, improve glue penetration and bonding, and increase machine speed applying low pressurized, superheated steam to the liners
  • Valmet IQ Converting Scanner offers a more economical way to measure liner moisture levels
  • Valmet IQ Measurements family for online quality measurements, like:
    • Moisture sensor to measure and control the moisture profiles
    • Caliper measurement for real time combined board caliper measurement
    • Online measurements to measure sheet temperature, and other quality properties
  • Valmet IQ controls for machine direction and cross direction quality management to improve and stabilize end product quality

Previously, a lack of suitable moisture sensors built for the tight confines of corrugating machines has resulted in corrugator control based on sheet temperatures. The corrugating process features up to ten drying and re-wetting cycles which, in addition to disturbances such a speed changes and raw material changes, increase variability and suboptimal process situations.

 Valmet IQ Multipoint Moisture Measurement

Valmet experience from paper machine processes has also shown that temperature measurements alone are not sufficient when controlling fiber based web processes and moisture measurements are needed to maximize productivity and decrease quality defects. The Valmet IQ Multipoint Moisture Measurement sensor, a key component in the new system, has been developed to meet the need for a simple, small and cost effective moisture measurement in the tight confines of the corrugating machine. 

The Valmet IQ Corrugator control system can utilize steam and moisture profilers and scanning sensors developed for, and utilized over many years in the paper and board industry. As well as the IQ Multipoint Moisture a new camera based Valmet IQ Warp Measurement has been developed to meet user needs.


Valmet IQ Steam Profiler




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  100% warp elimination with Valmet IQ Moisturizer

Goodbye to warping

New technology revolutionizes quality management on corrugators.

Valmet Paper Lab

The new-generation Valmet Paper Lab Automated Paper Testing Laboratory provides paper and board makers with even more freedom to manage quality.