Remote operations

Valmet DNA Operate is able to access control room process pictures remotely from an office or a remote location. It has the exact same features and all the same tools as when using it locally in the Control Room. All process operations are typically disabled in DNA Operate in remote usage, i.e. it can only be used for viewing the situation in the plant.

Bringing the control room to the office or remote location


In modern-day plants, there is usually a need to access operating and production information remotely. By way of Valmet DNA, this is carried out using the Valmet DNA Operate Remote Server and Valmet DNA Operate Remote Client.

The DNA Operate Remote Server stores all the process pictures, and DNA Operate Remote Clients can then access these pictures. This offers a remote user the possibility to access the very same pictures and tools that are being used in the control room.

The same information, tools, alarms, history functions, reports, etc. are available, that are in the control room. All of this can be carried out from the user’s own personal laptop or PC that has the DNA Operate Remote Client installed.

The DNA Operate Remote Server can also store a set of pictures. This is useful in a situation where for some reason all the pictures in the plant should not be shared outside the control room.


  • Decisions are based on facts and figures when everyone has access to the same information.
  • The recovery of exceptional situations becomes more efficient because the same information is always available – locally and remotely.
  • Familiar DNA Operate usage logic and the same tools – minimum training costs.
  • Same set of pictures – minimum maintenance costs.
  • Remote access from the office or remote location.