Valmet DNA Alarm Dashboard

DNA Alarm Dashboard provides an overview of the alarm system. DNA Alarm Dashboard helps minimize the number of alarms and design a more efficient alarm philosophy.

Valmet DNA Alarm Dashboard is a web-based alarm analysis tool that allows you to see key alarm metrics at one glance. It increases your situational awareness and helps you solve problems faster and minimize the number of alarms. Designed using modern user experience principles and requiring minimal set-up, DNA Alarm Dashboard complements Valmet DNA Operate and can be used in any location with any device.

  • Connects easily to your existing plant data
  • Provides an overall health status of the alarm system
  • Offers an alarm performance snapshot view before, during and after disturbances
  • Shows you when a possible process disturbance is about to begin in a dedicated process area
  • Allows constant development and monitoring of the alarm system and helps you design a better alarm philosophy
  • Identifies “bad actor” alarms and thus provides significant improvement opportunities with relatively minimal cost and effort
  • Defines a baseline for improvements and allows a data-driven decision process for management approval and funding for an improvement project
  • An optimized and efficiently working alarm system lets you handle abnormal situations more quickly and with more confidence

DNA Alarm Dashboard turns system data into meaningful information

DNA Alarm Dashboard consists of two pages: Alarm KPIs and Alarm treemap.

Alarm KPIs present the overall status of the alarm system. You can view alarm key performance indicators either for the last 7 days or the last 30 days.

Alarm treemap page shows you how a possible disturbance in one alarm area of your process develops or affects other alarm areas. Each rectangle presents an alarm area. The size of the rectangle represents the number of configured alarm points in that area. The bigger the number of configured alarms compared to other areas, the bigger the rectangle will be. The color of the rectangle represents the alarm rate of the alarm area during the last 10 minutes.

DNA Alarm Dashboard shows these key performance indicators:

  • 10-minute average and maximum alarm rate per day
  • Alarms and alarm flood percentage per day
  • Top 10 load percentage per day
  • Standing, shelved and suppressed alarms per day
  • Alarm priority distribution
  • Threshold setting defines the target level for acceptable operation and acts as a constant improvement metric of the alarm system
  • Treemap shows the start of a possible process disturbance and how it affects other areas

Valmet DNA Dashboards

We are working towards the future, to the New Nature of Automation. As a first step we have launched the new Valmet DNA Dashboard concept.

Distributed control system

Valmet DNA Distributed Control System (DCS) gives you complete control of all your processes and provide user-friendliness and transparency that go far beyond traditional automation systems.