DNA Operate

Valmet DNA Operate is the user interface of Valmet DNA used for operating and viewing all process events. Production people have to be able to react to various process incidents. For them, it is crucial to know what has really happened and what the reasons behind it are. Valmet DNA Operate facilitates efficient alarm operations with 1 ms resolution showing the sequence of events that leads quickly to the roots of the disturbance.

Tool for the whole organization


  • Support for total view
      • overview pictures of processes and sub-processes
      • quick and versatile browsing capabilities
  • Quick, direct access to information and knowledge with easy linking
  • Easy-to-learn navigation from the overview picture to a more detailed picture
      • one-click access to the alarm process graphics
      • one-click access to the most frequently used pictures
      • drag-and-drop comparison of trend curves
      • support information linked to the object
  • Adaptability to the tasks
      • efficient windowing
      • modifiable favorite picture collection
  • Excellent usability
      • self-guiding
      • only a few rules to memorize
      • consistent principles
  • Integrated history functions as an option
      • all process data and alarms can be collected into history and trended or replayed later in any picture
      • Valmet DNA history analysis tools can be integrated into DNA Operate


Easy-to-use, obvious operations and clear pictures ensure that the user has instantly accessible, accurate information about the task in hand. Flexible alarm handling enables users to solve problems and leads right to the roots of the problem. The versatile trending feature fulfills even the most demanding requirements. The process control user interface is a linking center for all processes and field device information. Integrated tools such as alarm analyzing tools, field device status and diagnostics, as well as reports, ensure that all the information needed to act immediately in all process situations is available to the user.