Valmet DNA Dashboards turn data into meaningful information

Valmet DNA Dashboards turn data into meaningful information

Valmet is committed to moving your performance forward. That’s why we are working towards the future, to the New Nature of Automation. As a first step we have launched the new Valmet DNA Dashboard concept.

DNA Dashboard concept is a framework that uses the real-time and history data already available in your Valmet DNA automation system. Information is shown to you in a highly visual format so that you can immediately see what is happening in your mill or plant.


  • Provides key performance indicators to different user roles in a plant
  • Connects easily to existing system data
  • Pre-analyzed, essential information clearly visible and easy to interpret
  • Can be used with a mobile device without any installation
  • Can be made available to any user group from operators to the CEO
  • Provides a starting page to drill down to more detailed reporting or analysis


Dashboard solutions are available for

  • Alarm management
  • Paper quality and production monitoring
  • Energy production, efficiency and emission monitoring
  • Pulp production, departmental and bale quality monitoring

User experience design in a central role

Dashboard concept is designed by applying modern user experience principles. User roles and needs determine the content and presentation of data that is already available in the system.

Main features

  • Based on existing Valmet DNA products and solutions
  • Can connect to DNA Process Controller and DNA Historian data and visualize it for plant monitoring
  • Provides real-time and recent history information allowing users to better react to changing situations
  • Selected dashboard solutions also offer a view to long history
  • Use is not limited to control room: DNA Dashboards can be used stationary or mobile in any location.

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Distributed control system

Valmet DNA Distributed Control System (DCS) gives you complete control of all your processes and provide user-friendliness and transparency that go far beyond traditional automation systems.