Generator automation

The Valmet DNA unit control perfect integrates the turbine governor, the automatic synchronizer, the AVR and the electrical generator protection to one system.

Valmet deliveries for the generator automation functions like

  • Automatic synchronization
  • Generator over temperature
  • Reverse Power protection
  • Loss of Field
  • Instantaneous overcurrent
  • Overvoltage
  • Stator earth fault
  • Rotor earth fault
  • Generator differential
  • Brushless excitation system incl. AVR

Valmet DNA can be extended to a complete switch yard automation system. This monitors the step-up transformer, busbar, line protections and controls the related circuit breakers.

Valmet DNA

Valmet DNA is an automation and information platform for process control. It combines all controls for process, machine, quality, supervisory, drive, as well as optimizations, and mechanical condition monitoring into a single platform.