Operation point deviation monitoring

Valmet DNA Operation Point Monitoring application calculates, stores and displays the main controllable losses in condensing or cogeneration power plants. The losses arise when the actual process parameters deviate from the expected ones.


The application includes monitoring of the following items for the most important process parameters:

  • Actual and expected value
  • Effect on plant efficiency due to deviation
  • Effect on fuel cost due to deviation

The process parameters include:

  • Pressure and temperature of live steam
  • Pressure and temperature of reheat steam
  • Temperature of flue gas
  • Oxygen (O2) concentration of flue gas
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) concentration of flue gas
  • Condenser pressure (vacuum)


  • The DNA Operation Point Monitoring application reveals the weak points of power plant operation in real time and assists the operator to improve plant efficiency and decrease unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • On the other hand, long-term reporting of deviations, plant efficiency and fuel cost development demonstrates gradual changes in performance and provides the plant personnel with valuable knowledge on saving potentials.
  • The DNA Operation Point Monitoring application is linked seamlessly to the overall automation applications, which guarantees efficient collaboration between plant management and plant control.

Performance monitoring and reporting

Valmet DNA monitoring and reporting solutions are designed to assist in all areas of power plant operation - from management to production and maintenance.