Boiler life monitoring

The Valmet DNA Boiler Life Monitoring application calculates, stores and displays the factors indicating the operating stresses and normal wear of critical boiler components. The calculations are built in accordance with appropriate TRD-standards. The storing of history values enables long term reporting and trending of both the measured and calculated data thus helping to make comparisons between different modes of operation.


  • The calculated variables include drum, headers and superheater tubes.
  • The reports and displays include common displays/reports,specific displays/reports for drum, headers and superheater tubes.


  • Optimized plant operation and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Enables shorter start-up times and quicker load changes, which in turn leads to increases in output.
  • Warn the operating personnel when restricted limits are exceeded.
  • Estimations of the remaining service lives of different components enable optimized scheduling of maintenanc.
  • Provides a tool that can help in decision making: whether to postpone an inspection or reduce both the extents of an inspection and resulting maintenance work.
  • Better knowledge gained about the exhaustion and consumption of service lives also reduces the risk of unscheduled shutdowns.
  • The DNA Boiler Life Monitoring application is linked seamlessly to automation applications, which guarantees efficient collaboration between plant management and plant control.

Performance monitoring and reporting

Valmet DNA monitoring and reporting solutions are designed to assist in all areas of power plant operation - from management to production and maintenance.