Conductivity application for brown stock washing

Counter-current washing process

Recommended conductivity measurements in counter-current washing process


Valmet Conductivity measurements for optimal wash press process

Valmet Conductivity meters are build to last. We recommend the conductivity meter to be installed directly in the pulpline, instead of filterate coming from the washer. Installing the conductivity meter directly in pulpline brings fast feedback of the washing result from each of the washers. By measuring the filterate it only gives feedback on how dirty the pulp was before going to the washer.


Why measure conductivity in pulp washing?

Valmet Conductivity meters can be used for monitoring the overall performance of the pulp washing. If organics and inorganics are washed out in an a fixed rate, the conductivity meters can be used to estimate wash losses.


Relationship between conductivity and sodium salt content of the pulp


Conductivity meters for brown stock washing

Valmet retractable conductivity meters are standard equipment in North European pulp mills. The sluice mounted conductivity meter allows sensor maintenance without shutting down the process or building separate measurement lines. The extremely robust meters have a typical life time of ten years.


Valmet Conductivity Measurement - pulp washing application Valmet Conductivity Measurement, mounting the sluice sensor

Mounting the retractable meter while process is running.



Valmet Conductivity Measurement 3100



Valmet Conductivity Measurement 3100 for pulp and paper applications



  • Highly durable conductivity sensors
    • Standard sensors can measure up to 210 °C and 25 bar
    • Typical life time of up to 10 years
    • Automatic scaling compensation – no maintenance is required
  • 13 preprogrammed temperature compensations
    • Temperature compensation is up to 200 °C – Accurate results without expensive sample coolers.
  • Interchangeable sensors
    • The sensors are readily calibrated and the cell constant is stored in the sensor – Plug and play installations.


  • No maintenance
  • Long life
  • Low installation costs



Process connection


Data sheet




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Weld tube

25 Bar / 210 °C

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retractable mounting

15 Bar / 150 °C

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Valmet Cooking Liquor Measurement 3400

Continuous cooking liquor alkali meter measures effective alkali or active alkali from white and black liquor. Its lifetime is of 10 years with minimum maintenance required. Valmet Cooking 3400 is formerly known as Kemotron.