Sulphur dioxide (SO2) concentration measurements

The concentration of Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is calculated by measuring the conductivity and temperature of the acid. Valmet offers readymade concentration measurement recipes for various Sulphur dioxide (SO2) concentrations. The sensors are readily calibrated and the cell constant is stored in the sensor memory. All you have to do is install the sensor in the process pipe and power up the measurement.

Valmet Concentration measurement is maintenance free and accurate thanks to four electrode technology. The sensors are designed to withstand rapid temperature changes have a long lifetime even in the most demanding applications.

Valmet sensors for sulphur dioxide

Sulphur dioxide measurements
Solution Measuring range Temperature
 SO2  0-25 g/l  0-50 °C
 SO2  0-60 g/l  0-35 °C
 SO2  20-70 g/l  20-90 °C